Friday, May 9

What makes a legend most? And some bohemian souls..

Kate Moss, by Irving Penn

"They say, the good thing never lasts,

And it has to fall..
Those are the people that give nothing much,
Not too much at all..
If it's against the law, arrest me."
Give it to me, Madonna

I'm so enjoying the good weather here in Belgium, so it's a quick post..
And I just couldn't resist this video, you have to watch believe it.
A short intro:
You know about the Berlin 'Love Parade' that happens each year? Well, there is a small group (like 30 or 35 people) who are protesting against that love parade. They call themselves the 'Hate Parade' and are protesting against it. This is a short video of that 'Hate Parade'. The person at the front is mr TechnoViking, he's like this leader.. Watch this, and you'll see him taking over the streets of Berlin.. I think it's hilarious, but in a serious way very scary.. They say that barking dogs don't bite, but in this case, I wouldn't rely on that!..

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...
Mister Techno Viking!
(just wait until you see the guy with the jeans shorts)

bye cupcakes! And remember, it's all about that cherry on top!

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  1. What kind of weird losers are these guys? The Hate Parade? They look like goofballs to me!!

    They must be joking around...