Thursday, May 29

Squeezy's Bonus level

I'm so busy with the last few days of my holiday.. It's soooo nice to have a holiday ones in a while, but I'm eager to go back to work at 'ye old shoppe, and I miss my colleagues too. Especially Martinetje. She broke up with her boyfriend, so to make her a bit happier I've made her this little cross-stitch and embroidery thingy. It's called 'Squeezy's Bonus Level'.

So Martinetje, this one's for you!

Squeezy's Bonus Level

I've got lots of layers and colors at this part of the illustration.

And I'm still working on my new big illustration.. Much work and I love it!

On another note; I would really love to buy and wear this design from Kidrobot

isn't this cool?

Bye marshmallows! And please do remember; don't step on the daisies!

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