Sunday, May 11

Longer Taste

It's so hot today.. luckily I went to the beach to freshen up. But there were sooo many people that I left a bit early in some disgust. People licking their icecream, eating chips, children yelling and crying, sweaty bodies all around me, sticky and fat, I don't like a crowd.

This song is my favorite of this week, a bit corny, and the original from Alanis Morisette is totally better, but I love it.. What more can I say? (I danced on this song last wednesday, with Vicky and Sven, at the local gay bar.. we had such a great time.. We went home at 8 am! And after partied at my place untill the afternoon..)

And here are some new things I've got to show. The pictures are made with my old camera.

lucky charm

Lucky charm doll.. I always loved those, they remind me of my childhood.

glass candy
Some real hard candy, glass candy.

hard candy googly eyes
I couldn't resist gluing some googly eyes on one of them..

gift diane gilleland
Here are some buttons I've made with fabric I ordered from This is part of a box full of presents for my dear sister Diane Gilleland from Craftypod. Just to thank her for her wonderful inspiration.

And here's the mystery box I'm gonna sent it on Tuesday because tomorrow the post office is closed because of a national Jour de FĂȘtes..


Some realy cool fabric I found in one of the boxes I've got earlier.

Maxine, a jobstudent from work gave me this adorable Paris Statue with snowflakes. She went to Paris and I'm so happy that she found this wonderful thing.. I always wanted one. Now I want one with the Statue of lLiberty inside of it..

Felt circles! Ain't they cute? And I know exactly what I'm gonna make with them! (but that's a surprise)

My mini cards from with my own illustration on them. They come within a cute little white box, and I've got 100 of those minicards. I also got a keychain box to store them in on my way out. Which is very handy!


And my own StickerBook! With little stickers with my illustrations on.. So glad I've got them!

Bye cupcakes, I'm gonna make me some delicious vegies with rice, light and healthy..

And remember, You can't make pancakes without breaking some eggs.

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  1. What lovely fabric buttons! And that yellow and green fabric is some of the prettiest I've seen. I was one of the fatties at the beach recently! It wasn't very busy where I was, but it was so gorgeous! Now I'm catching up on blogs. Cute stuff!