Monday, May 19

All that glitters ain't gold

I'm experimenting with Dylon fabric paints. Here's a before and after of some Aïda embroidery fabrics I've died in pink.

I'm quite happy with the result.

And I'm making a cute handbag with it. Here's a scan I've made sofar. (the scan is poorly done, it looks so much better in real life)

I'm gonna cross-stitch some Squeezy's on it and embelish it with my new gliterari..

It's all crooked and not right on this scan. But trust me, it does look very pleasing.

Here's a little scetch of how the handbag will look like..

Oh-la-la, c'est chique et pratique!

Another miniature cross-stitch of a tree. (the Squeezy is hiding behind it)

tree copy

I've got these amazingly cool glitterari in 8 different colors. This is a scan of the brown ones. (I've got purple, pink, yellow, blue, lilac, grey and black..)

glitter galore
All that glitters ain't gold (Prince)

And this chair is to die for.. It's a piece from the MET museum in NYC..

The front is covered with Irish stitch needlework and the back with a needlework landscape scene.


Easy Chair, 1758
Made by Caleb Gardner (d. 1761), Maker
American; Made in Northeast, Newport, Rhode Island, America

And 'What is a Friend?'

Bye butterflies, and remember: If it's broke, don't try to fix it.. :)

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  1. OOOOh, that handbag is going to be gorgeous! Please, please post a picture of it when it's finished!

    And, that is most-excellent glitter!

    May I say, you are making splendid use of your holiday. XOXO