Monday, May 19

Pyama Party

My friends came over for a little get together..

Sven, Sharon, Mai, Marcsje, Martin and me had a delicious Italian Anti Pasto with Bulgarian red wine. Lots of silly conversations and plenty of interesting ones.

I used the camera from Mai, my new roommate.

Here are some portraits we've made..


Mai, my new roommate, loves shopping on Ebay, Sushi and her cute little iBook


Marcsje, loves inventing new musical instruments, Science Fiction pocket books and experimenting with herbs.. but not on stage that is!

Sharon, loves sunshine, Wonton Soup and dancing on ragga..
She thought me how to use the inner smile as a protection from aggressive reactions.

sharon and martin

Martin makes up Sharon..

We had such a great time.. Celebrating our friendship..and love for each other.

And here is the finished bag I've been making:

You didn't see me, right? (little hidden Squeezy underneeth Broderie Anglaise

Bye strawberry shortcakes, and remember; feel like a tiny bird with a big song!

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  1. I love this bag!
    I will make a bag one day!!