Tuesday, February 1

Jane Foster pillow cases and more Japanese fabrics

Today in the mail :

Two wonderful pillow cases from Jane Foster, which you can buy here on Etsy and on her website.
Love, love love these vintage fabrics. Happy happy!

And again some fantastic small print Japanese fabrics from Beautifulwork, which I like to buy here, also on Etsy.

Now I'm waiting on a very big load of designer fabrics from Cia's Palette, which you can find here. But be aware! Those fabrics are pretty pretty cool!
But more about that later..

Finished my sky blue striped pillow, I was in a romantic mood and now it sits on my bed, perfect for resting my head full of dreams..

Oh, yes, I ordered 40 pieces of colorful zippers, but as soon as they got in here I'll post you the shop address and some more details!

Bye now, and remember : 'Buy, buy, buy, handmade!'

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