Friday, February 4

New Emily Inside a Black Apple goodies arrived, and a digibudi's pouch

This came in the mail today.. love love love Emily's goodies.. always a treat to get those carefully packed and styled little goodies unpacked..
You can buy Emily's Inside a Black Apple goods here on Etsy. Also do read her blog if you haven't already, it's amazingly beautiful. You can find her blog here.

I'm gonna enjoy these lovely items so much..

Also I've made a new digibudi's pouch, it's from fabrics I also bought from Etsy, you can see the link a few posts before this one..

So, that's it for this afternoon, I got my Valentine's present for my guy in the mail to, but I can't show that yet, because he's spying on me by reading my blog.. haha! Just you wait a little bit, loverrrrr!

Bye now, and remember: "Small package, big pleasure" and no, I don't mean THAT! :)

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