Tuesday, February 1

Katinka's Story (a collage about courage and tea) restyled 1.2

There is a strange lady-friend who's been to my imaginary tea parties for over a while now.
Her name is Miss Naturelle Gazeuse and she has the most adventurous life one can imagine.
She lived all over the world, but as she told me herself ; 'I wouldn't mind living here by the sea for a while.'
So now I often enjoy her company and stories she knows so many of, over a cup of Golden Ceylon from the Himalaya's. Because Miss Gazeuse told me very clearly that the tea leaves were handpicked by Buddhists and that it was one of the most respected blends one could wish for.
You can't deny that, can you?
She also told me the strange and sad story of Saint-Katinka, an unknown Saint that once saved all the books and art from destruction of evil! I've made a collage of that story...

Katinka goes to the Big City, there is trouble over there. Her mission is to save the books and art from the museums and libraries. It's a Quest perfectly matched for Katinka! But it's also a dangerous Quest so she must be brave and smart. Then it will become a Quest of Courage...

Katinka got hold of a tank, she isn't proud of the way it all went, and she actually doesn't want to talk about it anymore. We must respect Katinka's feelings.. Anyway, she does have the tank now! It's straight to the library.. or maybe some tea first?

Always prepare yourself for any task involving books and art, refuel yourself with some Golden Ceylon Tea. Handpicked by Buddhist in the Himalaya. And so she sipped, and sipped.. and got herself ready again.

Katinka saves the books from the library, and funny enough the first book she took in her hand was called 'Katinka's Queste of Courage'. She then knew her Queste was over, and she understood the true meaning of sacrifice. The rest of the story is a little sad.

They burned Katinka the next day in the middle of the marketplace. The last thing that went thru her head whilst the flames where burning her beautiful hand-beaded dress was ;
At least it's me that's burning and not the books and art, they are save now.

And now Katinka is a Saint.. Saint-Katinka. Bless her soul who lives on and on, until men will stop writing books, painting pictures or making music..
"And that my friend,"
Miss Naturelle Gazeuse told me while squinting her eyes very tight, almost like a fox, ready to hunt.
", will not happen after a very, very long time."

We sipped our tea, and stared happily into the future, grateful for all the things we had yet to enjoy.

The End

by digibudi

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  1. I love this story and the images. What a tragic end for Katinka, but at least she save the books and art.