Thursday, March 15

Digibudi's Digital Garden - new adress

So here we are, a brand new place but with the same digital garden posts as before.
The reason for this move is simply because Blogger is much more flexible for lay-out and for leaving comments.
So, as promissed here is a big update from the SewCute! factory here in Belgium.
I'm very busy these days with making

a) the video - still in the design stages of this, and preparing all kinds of felted parts for the animation figures to move properly.

b) handmade presents for my friend Eva from Vermont.
Which is taken much more time than I thaught,
but I love making her these things.

Here are some little sneak previews of what I'm making :)

Here you can see the first hem stitching of what's to become the inside of the felted tote-bag.
I love this fabric so much, I bought it in Ostend together with the most wonderful Vichy-checkered fabric, I'm gonna use for my kitchen curtains.
Very la France, mais oui!

Here you can see my first trials of making a pocket, also for the inside lining fabric for the felted-tote-bag. But now comes the best part! The buttons, my gosh, I love these buttons. I bought a little tool to make coated buttons with fabric of your choice! This is so simple to make but the results are amazing.

I put all the tools and goodies you need for making those fabric-coated-buttons
under my scanner.
So you can see how it works. It's really simple to do, and within a few minutes you've got your own personal fabric-coated-buttons.

This a small part of the front for the felted tote bag. I made this in felt and used flower-shaped paillettes from G├╝ttermann hobby. The little stars are also from G├╝ttermann. This is just a small part of the front side of the tote-bag.

And now for my cutest of the cutest self-made buttons.
Here is a picture of them. I used old seventies vintage fabrics, and some new ones I got from a local store here in Ostend.

Here they are:

I like them very much, I'm gonna make bigger ones, so you can use them as buttons for decorating all kinds of things. Like jackets or jeans or bags and caps. You could use them on lots of things, even pillows or shoes..

I also found these lovely trimmings, I'm gonna make new curtains for my kitchen windows, and I'm pretty found of those kitschy but adorable old fashion Vichy-checkered fabric, it reminds me of Brigitte Bardot and la Provence, lavender and lemons.

Aren't they just to die for. :)

And the little bag Dalia and me we knitted and crochet, is almost finished. I used this great rainbow colored wool from a brand we sell at the shop, but I forgot the name, I'll put a link in next time.. and check out the matching crochet needles also in rainbow colors.. they look like candy.. (I licked the red one, just to check..)


  1. I was waiting for the big update, but this is much bigger than I expected! Did you get my email? I sent you a picture of the box I'm gonna sent to you. It has already got quite a few things in it!

  2. He Nikolaasje, proficiat met de geboorte van je nieuwe. Ik hoop dat ik de weg naar je nieuwe blog net zo vaak zal vinden als naar je oude.
    en hopelijk kom je ook nog eens op mijn spaceje langs.
    Maar in ieder geval zal je opnieuw je creativiteit kunnen botvieren en dat is voor jou zeker van belang.
    Ik ben er zeker van dat we op deze plek nog veel mooie dingen zullen mogen ontdekken.

  3. ooooh boy, i am soooo excited i can barely contain myself. this is me being excited! yiiiiiiippppppeeeee!!!!! hope i did not hurt your ears with that! ;)