Thursday, April 26

My man, and some cool stuff!

It's a sunny morning here at the beach in Ostend, and I'm preparing myself for a day full of making new things. Yesterday at work I made about 8 necklaces and 2 keychains, which were made with big wooden pearls. I hope to make some pictures of them as soon as I've bought a digital camera. Than I can show all the cool stuff we make at the shop.

I found this interesting and rather bizar looking picture of Rosie Grier and his needlepoint whereabouts:

And he even sings too!
I think he's my man. He looks like a real man to me, anyway. Especially with 'that' collection of handmade needlepointed pointless but rather adorable cushions. Doesn't he look superfly? I would love a bodyguard like this, who can also be a good crafty-companion when the coast is clear from danger! We would make lot's of cool things together, sitting on the cozy carpet and listening to some Barry White or something.. Check out his shoes in the first picture! Are does dancing shoes I spot? You can find some articles about Rosie Grier the footballplayer/needlepointer here. And also his book. (Ooh, he writes too!) Who ever said that real man don't needlepoint? I'll take up a fight anytime, with anyone!

I fell in love with this beautiful shop/blog called the Purl Bee, they have amazing simple but so beautiful fabrics, and suplies..

And this funny website about a matching the book you read by what you are wearing..
Noone belongs here more than you, it's like a little online story. Love it!

This wonderful cup made by Greenwhich House Pottery, New York, NY is just to die for..

And great blog after great blog, here's the cherry on the pie, Bloesem.
Great collection of wonderful design and ideas.

Like this lamp:

Or these ceramics.. how I would love those in my home! They look so dreamy and full of secret poetry, like something that's hidden underneeth the snow..

Pure literature, and poetry, and all things alike..

And here are some cool fabrics I'd like to buy to make some with it:

(don't they look perfect?)

I'm listening to Little Wizard Stories by Frank L. Baum, from LibriVox, great audiobooks in many many titles! The funny thing is that every book, and sometimes each different chapter is read by someone else. So you've got this amazing and bizar list of people who read out loud. Some voices are hilarious, others are so nice to listen to. There is one woman who talks just like a foreign french tourist, who just learned to speak English. It's so funny an accent she has.

Ok, I'm off to have a nice meal with my mother at the swimming pool in Ostend. During lunchtime you can eat there for a very reasonable price, and you've got this great mix of sitting by a pool and looking at the beach and the North Sea. And it's such a sunny day after all. Than it's back to the SewCute! studio for me, to finish my presents for my sister Eva. Yes, Sir!


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  1. i want to sit by the pool/ocean and have lunch with you and mum! let's drink bloody marys!

    presents, OH BOY!! I love all the goodies that you show pics of - they are so dreamy...have you ever seen The princess Bride? also dreamy...

    today i am sewing up some costumes that i will be wearing in a big show soon. this one is a dress covered in fringe. wish you could come!