Thursday, April 19

Let's make some!

Today I'm gonna let you in into some secret crafty places I know of. They're places I visit almost everyday in search for inspiration, and crafting ideas of all kinds. The place I visit the most is called CraftyPod, with Sister Diane. Sister Diane makes wonderful podcasts about all things crafty. Her podcasts are an inspiration and resource that has allready over 45 different podcasts. She interviews people who make arts & crafts in a very relaxed and great way. So, if ever in need for that extra stimulation or inspiration, do check out her website, her blog and of course her podcasts.
Here are the links to the world of Sister Diane:
Another great source on crafting, especially 60's and 70's crafts (hilarious and wonderful at the same time) is called Cathy of California. She has the biggest collection of those vintage crafting books and magazines. The pictures she uses are simply amazing! Here are some crazy examples (warning! Not for the sensitive eyes) :

(pictures from Cathy of California)

Freaking Gorgeous! (picture from Cathy of California)

It's quite shocking isn't it? But so much fun!
dum da dum..

I would love to have:
  • Cartier 'Must' perfume
  • A print Gocco
  • Sculpey
  • special print paper with that extra shine
  • the DVD of Grey Gardens (I love Edie)
  • A button-machine (for making large buttons coated in plastic)
  • white/red striped fabric (cotton will be perfect)
  • Grey paint for my living room (Christian Dior grey, like powdery and soft like pastel, brings out the other brighter colors)
  • A kitten
Then there is another great site called Church of Craft, It's better to use their own words to describe what their all about:

"The Church of Craft aims to create an environment where any and all acts of making have value to our humanness. When we find moments of creation in our everyday activities, we also find simple satisfaction."

Take a look it's a wonderful website..

And of course the great which is amazing for research and for putting your own crafty things online so other people can leave comments.. and believe me, they do leave lots of comments and feedback. It's a community where you can spend hours and hours surfing and scrolling for cool crafty ideas.. The only limit is your own imagination.

And now for my personal goodies!
I've bought these great new profesional scissors, they cut like a knife thru a banana:

I love working with good material, like those scissors, ok, they cost a lot of money but ones you've good scissors you will never curse while you're cutting, ever again!

I've made a scan of all my favorite buttons I've collected so far.. I've only started to collect them since last years November, so it isn't quite a large collection, but steadily it's growing! And with my new fantastic job at Veritas, a crafting shop, I'll have lots of great advantages and first choice on the new collections.. Oh my!

And I also made two tiny little drawings with my red marker :

The first one is called 'Happy Accidents, dancing mishabs' and the second one is called 'Doctor Hedge to the rescue'. I hope you like 'em, cause I'm gonna make some cute felted applications with them. To use as key-hangers.

Ok cupcakes, I'm off to see the Wizard again.. I need some brains and some fantastic adventures..

dum da dum..


  1. Hi there, digibudi - thank you so much for blogging about my website! You're very kind! I'm glad you enjoy Cathy of California, too -- her blog is just amazing.

    I am officially jelous of your button collection.... :-) And your tutorial for making covered buttons is excellent!

    I look forward to watching the progress of your film project.

    All the best,
    Sister Diane

  2. Nice sites, I especially like Cathy of California. There's such a charm about pictures and stuff before the 80s, everything looked so different... Much prettier to me. I think I'm a hippy at heart. Why is it shocking though? I love doctor hedge, he's so cute! And I promise I'll watch Beales of Grey Garden!

  3. Great links. And I love using craft as a verb.