Saturday, May 19

All about Mister Scrumpy

Today was such a funny day. I woke up this morning and got ready for work. Drank my cup of coffee and ate some breakfast. When I got to work, Annick opened the backdoor of our shop and said screaming : "But Nikolaas, you don't have to work today! You have a day off!"
What a great surprise that was.. Unexpected days off are the greatest! There was a little confusion about the work schedules, and we couldn't quite figure it out. But anyway, I've got my day off.

So I went to the library and picked up a book from Paul Doherty, Spy in Chancary. Which is quite boring actually, and I don't think I'm gonna finish it. It's all about names and places in history. Anyway, I took this little book to the park here in Ostend. And I was reading it on the grass which had the most wonderful daisies and buttercups growing. I took my shoes of, and let my bare feet touch the soft grass. Such a wonderful feeling.. It must have been over a year since I've experienced that feeling again!

Today I also finished Mister Scrumpy!
It's a birthday present for Martine from our shop. And he comes with a bag too!
So here are some pictures:

Mister Scrumpy comes with his own bag!

The bag of Mister Scrumpy has a beautiful orange lining..

Here you see Mister Scrumpy in full view

Mister Scrumpy even has his own Sewcute! tag

Scrumpy is taking a pose, he loves the camera..

... and the camera loves him!

Mister Scrumpy knows many great secrets and gossip!

I love you Mister Scrumpy! I'm glad you'll have a good home..
take care!

me and mister Scrumpy relaxing on the kitchen floor..


  1. Mr. Scrumpy is scrumptious! Congratulations on completing the project. I love that his eyes are not identical. It makes him more real. Wish he was local and I could star him in one of my stop-motion films. He has star quality. Great packaging too.

  2. I prefer Mr Nikolaas over Mr Scrumpy. But both are pretty.

  3. Mr. Scumpy is cute as all get out!