Thursday, May 17

By popular demand - for my lovesick friens

Two of my best friends are in this love-sickness universe at the moment, so here's the letter I wrote for Manuel from Germany about love and lost love.
(Jörg and Julz, when you read this, don't be shy to leave a comment.. the whole point of electronic circuits are to connect with eachother.. pass it on!)

So, here's the letter:

Dear Manuel,

I didn't quite wanted to react emediatly to your comment/post, because I had to think about it and had to find the right words to express my opinion. I think you have your heart at the right place and you deserve a respectful answer.
For matters of the heart, you've come to the right place, I am a spy in the house of love since many, many years now, that's why the Digital Garden was build for. It is also build on the foundations of love. Universal love and personal love, but I think those two colide.

Maybe we won't be able to know everything about this strange and peculiar emotion during our lifetime, but we can try. And that is an accomplishment in itself. We should be proud.
From reading your comment, I understand that you fell in love at first sight, which is a great and amazing feeling, but it's also a confusing one. I believe that when you love someone it takes courage to enjoy it, and it takes courage to not try to own that love.
Each love we find represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. These worlds are a process of becoming, combinations of feelings and emotions we have to go through. Rather then to maintain that feeling, we should try and let it go. This is in my opinion the greatest and most profound form of love. To let go of possesion, to let go of the 'wanting', we are closer, much closer with the object of our affection than ever.

The adventure you are in at this moment, dear Manuel, is showing you a way to proof your love this way. With each new person you'll meet, there will be a new world. Nothing is lost, but it's all building up to the next level. This is great, because it makes you stronger, more human, brighter and more sensitive and therefore more wiser. Frustration creates inspiration. And you should use this experience to your own benefit. Otherwise it would be a lost love, a real lost love. But if you treassure what you've been feeling, the good, the bad and the amazing, you're well on your way to love on a bigger scale. Personal love is a very egocentric emotion, spiritual love, or universal love is a much healthier emotion or feeling. This doesn't mean you can't fall in love with someone and be truly happy together, but this means that when you do find a person you can travel with during your lifetime, it comes with a lot of responsibilities and rules. Universal love is much more free, at least in my opinion.

Many people in a relationship aren't happy. They don't feel fullfilled, because a personal love can't be fullfilling for a very long time.. unless, unless you combine it with the universal love. I think it's much better to start with universal love and than add a personal love to your life, than the other way around. This helps building up the so needed foundation and strenght you'll need to care for eachother. It's a heavy task, and it doesn't come for free. You have to invest in it. Otherwise it dies. Like each feeling, it is born, it lives and it dies. That's nature. And we're part of that. Be thankfull for your lost love, and use it to build those foundations for the next one. And I'm pretty sure, somewhere outthere, when you least expect it, you'll meet that special someone. You're a very smart guy, Manuel, and by reading your post, I know you're on the right road. Just keep focused, and be happy! And, oh yeah, don't forget to dance those blues away. :)
Welcome to the Club of Universal Lovers!

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