Sunday, May 20

Electro Pastel by digibudi

I'm so proud to show you my new creation.. :)
It's a bracelet I've made totally by hand, and it's called 'Electro Pastel Secret Garden'.
It's the second one I've made this week, the first one was sold after a few hours. So, I'm quite happy about this one. It's not such a cheap bracelet, the price is €27.00, the iron roses and dragonflies and butterflies and other pearls I use to make this bracelet are around €0.50 up to €1.00 a piece. So that's the reason why it's quite expensive when you add everything up.
I've used Galliano's Spring collection as an inspiration.

Here are pictures of the Electro Pastel Secret Garden bracelet:

The picture doesn't colorscheme right, the real-life version is much brighter!
I especially love the glass leafs in soft purple and green.

It was a lovely day at work, and tomorrow I'm gonna make some matching earrings and a necklace to go with it..

Julz is coming over for a visit this evening. We're gonna craft untill bedtime..


  1. A beautiful creation. I agree that the glass leaves are beautiful. I like the colors as shown, but I'm sure the real thing is even better.

  2. Beautiful and dreamy - a girl's best friend full of good luck n charms!