Monday, May 14

Nominettes for Sewcute!

I'm quite excited about these! Today my order for the labels, or nametags arrived at the shop. They're supercute! They're SewCute! Here's a picture of them, but forgive me for the poor photoquality, because I don't know how to use my new camera yet.. But I'm finding out things about that little digital wonder every time I use it. Today I've learned that flash lights don't look very great.. well.. we'll see.. Here are my first, ever, personal labels for my crafting goodies..

But here's a more acurate picture of my new label:

and here:

And tonight I'm having a perfect night all by myself (I hope, but some friends visiting wouldn't be too bad)..
With a bottle of Merlot and some cheese & crackers, and French bread with seasalt.. hmmm..

Oh , I forgot, this is my spinning wheel.. It's a very friendly thing, it always looks happy to me..
don't you think?

Oh, I really must learn to make better pictures! They look so awful, and so not professional!
I'm watching/listening to my DVD of Grand Hotel, it's playing in the background, it's such a wonderful life when you take time to think about it..
Oh, I think I'm getting a bit tipsy from the Merlot.. oh oh!

*double sigh*


  1. SewCute is soooocute!!!!! and merlot and cheese snacks by oneself is a lovely night in my book! ;)

  2. I'm sorry you haven't heard from me in a while, I'm going through some tough times and it's my own fault. When I've everything figured out I'll be there with every post you make again
    Love, dani