Friday, May 25

Perfume case, Ballerina and rainbow purse

I've made these as a gift for someone special, now it's almost ready to put in the box and to send it to the other side of the world!

This is a rainbow purse that's part knitted and part crochet.

very beautiful rainbow stitches..

This is a perfume holder case made in felt, all handstitched and finished with rocailles pearls..

Ideal for your perfume bottles or other suitable things..

the backside is also appliced with felt creatures that smile!

The ballerina from 'The Doll Song', very special first try out edition!

finished with a cute flower button!

Today was a marvelous day at work, my big boss was there, and she told me that I'm in for a promotion! Yeah!

Now I'm of to my movie-studio (currently in my hobby-room) for lots of work on "The Doll Song'' video for Amalia..

Catch you later cupcakes.. oh yeah, speaking of cupcakes, next week I'm gonna bake a whole lot of those delicious sexy cupcakes! With lemon and finished with confetti sparkles.. hmmm


  1. OOOOOOOOH BOOOOOOOYYYY!! Oh boy! Oh Boy! O h goodie goodie gum drops of heaven! yips yips! What fun!

    PS Digibudi, I float away on a cloud full of perfume and felt and ballerinas - oh boy!

  2. That ballerina is perfectly adorable.