Thursday, May 3

A Wild Night

Yesterday when my friends came over, we went out to a strange but great bar here in Ostend. Julz my adopted sister was there, and Fluppe, a very cool artist and his girlfriend Micheline were there too. We danced and talked and danced again. :)
The dj who is also a friend spinned al our favorite songs. It was great!
We did some smoking too, which was cool, and has been a very long time since I've done that again.. We laughed all evening and our conversations were about art and life and the art of living. A very passionate night it was.

And great news! I'm going to buy my camera this Saturday! Yippie! Than I can take pictures all weekend and even more pictures next week.. I'm so excited. It's a Sony, white and is quite small so I can easily put it in my pocket. I'm gonna take it everywhere I go.. Yes, Sir!

I've came across this soooooo funny video from Alanis Morisette. Just watch it, and compare it with the original, it's so amazingly funny!

and here's the original.. :)

Puts it in a whole different light doesn't it?

Thnx again for the sweet comments about the color blue..

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  1. It reminds me of Tori Amos' "Strange Little Girl" album where she reinturpreted male songs, giving all the words spooky meaning when slowed down. Hearing Alanis sing this as if it were to be taken seriously is what is both funny and spooky about retake on the original.