Sunday, May 13

Yes, Pictures please!

I'm totally into Deee-lite these days.. I wonder why? :)

So much is hapening these days.. I'm in love, since a very long, long time, so this is nice :)
I've got my camera! And I've got my new sewing machine.. So I'm stitching along my home made quilt. (and some goodies for someone special)

Oh, to spend my days with fabric, thread, buttons and applejuice kissin', what more would a boy want?

And now for some pictures I've taken with my new camera:

my lovely fabrics I've gathered during the last few weeks..

my pride and joy! A Toyota sewing machine, It's a present from my mom. (thank you mom)

my new sneakers, All Stars, One Star (limited edition!)

My first project on my new sewing machine, a quilt from a bag of free pieces of fabrics I've got from Stock Pierre.

my collection of buttons, pearls and pom-pom's.. just for fun!

a special project.. which takes much time! so much time..

a ragdoll for Martine from work.. wait untill you see the cute buttons I've got for his tummy!

Yörg was here yesterday and he got me the DVD of Beales of Grey Gardens!!!! This totally rocks, and if you've read my previous post on BOGG, you know what I'm talking about. (isn't this right, Eva?)

Many, many cult movies I've got on DVD:

And God Created WOMAN, with one of my favorites, Brigitte Bardot

The Blob, with Steve McQueen! Love this movie.. the colors are amazing!

Also one of my favorite actors, Peter Cushing, he's so sexy.. and scary/stylish.. I love all his movies. The story is very very sad, but so beautiful.

All time favorite in the Space movies catogory, Forbidden Planet. With the music from the Barons, a man and woman (partners) that were friends of Anaïs Nin. I've read about their music in her diaries, it's about electronic circuits, the first techno EVER!!

Grand Hotel, Art Deco all over the place! This movie is art history! My god, this movie is so funny and stylish, you must see it. Greta Garbo, in one of her most exquisite performances.

Maigret from Simenon's books. French movie, with all the class and style of a 50's experience in Paris.

Taxi Driver! No comments, this movie is a masterpiece.

And Honeymoon in Vegas, because I just think this is such a funny movie. And Sarah Jessica Parker together with Nicholas Cage, well.. a perfect Sunday evening movie with all the popcorn you can devour.

Ok, cupcakes! I just don't know what to do first, should I sew, should I take some more pictures, should I watch my favorite movies... well, I think I'll settle for some more applejuice kissing!


and my collection of wooden pearls that are so wonderful to look at when the sun hits the glass and reflects the colors on my window..


  1. A great collection! It's good to know that they will take on a new life by merging with your creativity. The rag doll is wonderful.

    It's nice to see things being collected for a purpose not just to be displayed.

  2. oooh goodies! what goody goody goodies!@!! I love love love dee-lite and was so pleased to meet Lady miss Kier at a Gay Pride Parade in NYC when i was a girl and she was still quite famous and as beautiful as ever!

    "how do you say delicious, how do you say delight?"