Tuesday, June 5

About the disintigration of YouTube

Last month, my dear friend Eva was suspended from her YouTube acount.
If you read this blog often, you'll know her 'The Deadbeat Club' channel, if not, I'm very sorry but it has been suspended and there are only a few places on the web where you can still watch some of the most funny, witty, and beautiful episodes EVER made for YouTube.

Eva if you read this, here's a vid for you.. (the only thing I use YouTube for nowadays, to watch ILLEGAL copies of videoclips)

The thing about about YouTube is that they suspend you when you are messing with the copyrights. In this case it means that she used some extracts from movies. Who doesn't??!! The hipocrisy of this act is so clear. We all use extracts of movies sometimes in our montages (a word Eva is most familiar with), so what's the big deal here? It's plain stupid and YouTube wouldn't have been so big as it is as a speak. So what the f*@&$ is YouTube thinking?

Here's an extract from the sad post about the suspending Eva wrote on the DeadBeat Club blog:

I never was too good with goodbyes - or endings for that matter, especially abrupt ones.

As of Saturday night, my evadeadbeat account was suspended due to copyright infringement. I am still a little numb - kind of feels like I got sucker punched in the gut.

After one year, almost 200 videos, 1700 subscribers (granted, most were just thanks to dumb luck), and countless hours spent building and working on my YouTube home - it is all gone in the click of a mouse. Poof.

I almost expected my Blogspot, Gmail and MySpace accounts to be deleted as well. It seemed like the invisible and all powerful internet gods had deemed me unworthy to exist in this strange new world and kicked me back to dull ol' meet space to pay penance.

Is this what life is like without YouTube? Colorless and gray? Generic and tasteless?

Do they make Hallmark cards for this sort of thing?

"Sorry to hear your YouTube account was suspended due to copyright infringement. Bummer. Now all those videos I embedded are worthless black holes of meaninglessness. Damn you."

According to the rules of YouTube, once you are suspended, you may never open another account ever again. Who knows how strictly they police this or if I will bother to try to get around it.

Maybe it is a message from the gods that I need to spend more time in the garden and less time clacking away at my computer. Perhaps this is the excuse I need to make time for knitting and baking?! After all, it is almost summer and think of all the outdoor time I could soak up if I wasn't glued to YouTube all day long!?

Still, I think of all the internet friends I made who share similar interests to my own (Digibudi, Junk Thief, Tonci, James, Tony, Parisa, Zach, Sadia, a Japanese school teacher) - all these people from all over the world whom I never ever EVER in a million years would have met had it not been for my little slice of the YouTube pie.

After just one year of existence on YouTube, I had become accustomed to an email box full of comments and messages and YouTube notices. My lonely email will feel funny without YouTube crammed inside it.

It is sad to think those internet socializing days are over. My home away from home on the internet was washed away in a flash flood, never to be seen or heard of again. Do they do disaster coverage on this sort of thing? Is there national relief aid on its way? Perhaps a benefit concert organized by Bono is in the works?

It remains to be seen how this major life change sinks in. I am too busy caking on make-up and rehearsing steps, lines and costume changes to think about it too much.

I would love to have a totally open networking community where you can post, use and reuse or even repost every single thing that's out there. Every little extract of a movie should be allowed. It's not the whole damn movie, for Christ sake! And if YouTube wants to get bigger in this cyberworld, than it's got to be free of those rediculous laws and hypocritic rules.
I'm very sad (first I was upset) about The DeadBeat Club being suspended. And I wish that there was a way to still watch this wonderful channel.
But at this moment, YouTube is the boss, and we have to find another way to publish our montages!

In the meanwhile you can still visit The DeadBeat Club here.

The DeadBeat Club is not dead! Oh no sir!
It is even more alive than it was when the channel was still on the web..

We will not be defeated!
I'm just a little sad about the whole thing.. and if you are too, please contact Eva and tell her that, because when something so wonderful is lost, a sweet comment could possibly heal the wound. And she is so lovely, she doesn't deserve this at all!


  1. you are the sweetest Nikolaas! I send many hugs! Ooof! Can you send me some sleep, there is no time to sleep anymore!?!?

    PS I went up in a hot air balloon last week - magical!

  2. Oh sweet Eva,
    I'm only sweet because you are!
    About sleep; think of the hot air balloon you were in, and float into oblivion..
    I'll meet you up in the clouds!