Friday, June 29

Forget about the boyfriend - The War is over

Ok, first of all my apologies to my sweet blogger friends.. But I have a reason for my absence.
The lovely and cool boyfriend wasn't so cool and lovely after all.. huh! Who knew? :)
Turned out that he cheated on me and I NEVER want to see that creature again.
I will not go into detail because they are so mondaine, so boring, and are nothing new in any way. Been there, done that, move on!
So, Corpsetlames, sorry if I didn't answer your emails, I was in this state of temporary blindness.

What bugs me the most thinking about my three weeks of visiting lovers lane, is the fact that I didn't create anything during that period. Isn't this weird? And right after the night I broke up with him, I was making all kinds of things again.
As you know, I work in a crafting suplie shoppe here in Ostend, and I've taken some pictures of my working place. Hope you like them:

This is the back-part of our shoppe, my little kingdom!
I'm responsible for this part of the shop. (I share it with Martine and Anne-Marie, two of my favorite collegues.

This is my desk, where I make things and sell things.
It looks kinda messy right now, due to the sales that are starting tomorrow!

Here's the corner where we have all the DMC embroidery threads and stuff..
I hate it when it's not tidy, but let me tell you something, people can be very messy!

Our button closset.. I love to look at all the colors.. mmm.. don't they look just like candy?

The zipper closset.. looks like a rainbow of zippers.. doesn't it?

Sewing thread in all the colors you can imagine!

When we make bracelets our earrings or other jewelry we hang it on our plastic creativity tree:

The Creativity Tree

The first three necklaces I've made after the break up with the boyfriend:

The orange fruity necklace

The full colored happy necklace

The green apple juicy necklace

The coolest glass beads, fantasy fruits!

crochet pearls.. nice and soft..

I've got two big tubes full of leftover buttons today, here they are:

So many buttons! So little time!

Julz, my lovely adopted sister, who supported me during my breakup with the boyfriend and me in the elevator, getting ready to have some fun in the city!

And here's another picture of Julz in my living room.

Love you Julzy Wulzy!

On a side note; breaking up with boyfriend doesn't mean crying myself to sleep.. oh no!
Not me Sir! It kinda means.. something like this:

So, I'm back into business.. Be back tomorrow with some goodies I've got on pre-sale from the shoppe. Trims, trims and even more trims!
Bye, Cupcakes!

So glad to be back.


  1. So good to have friends right now... And also very good to have things to keep your hands and mind occupied. It's not at all unusual to get a burst of creative energy after such a thing happens -- good luck!

  2. So sorry to hear about the break up. At least you found out early on instead of wasting months or years and then finding out. I'm glad that you're back to blogging and creating. I'm sure there is some one else who will treat you right out there just waiting -- and who won't divert you from creative projects!

  3. Kusje.

    (Ge zijt een schatje.)

  4. What an asshole, although I'm not the one that's allowed to sat that (you know why).
    Misery makes people more creative sometimes, you need to let it all out somehow...
    I want to come shop in your shop! It looks awesome.
    Nevermind the blindness honey, you're back!
    (I'm going on holiday friday, so I'll be gone yet again)

  5. YES YES! as they all have said, YAY for creative projects and for Digibudi! it is so lovely to see your magical workplace with all our colorful goodies! and so nice to have you back and amazing as ever!

    love, oh my, what a mess. but you opened your heart and this takes lots of guts.

    to quote our dear anais nin on the matter:

    I postpone death by living, by suffering, by error, by risking, by giving, by losing.

    and on a happier note:

    Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.

    xoxo your pal across the pond!