Friday, June 8

My Blue mini-bike!

This was such a great and prosperous day!
Martine - my favorite collegue from work - gave me a...
Blue Mini-Bike!

Yes, out of the blue, I've got a bike! I'm so happy with my new bike. It is a marvelous piece of genius, it has a iron basket at the front (I just went shopping for groceries and it's sooo practical), the lights work, and I even got a lock to protect it from bike-thieves (there are alot of them here in this town), and it has a mirror (so I can check my hairstyle even on the bike! I didn't know they made mirrors on bikes, it's sooo practical!)
I've made a new friend today. But more of her on another post.
I've made greek salad with feta, and green peppers, cherry tomatoes, red onions, and lots more greens to tickle my tastebums.
And I'm making - finally! - a felt donut. I've made the glace with pink felt, and I've used G├╝ttermann's pink pearls for sprinkles! (I'll make a picture of it so you can see it), I've made this today at work, but there's still some more work on it. I will try to find some strawberry pot-poeri to mix with the stuffing, so it even smells of strawberry donuts!
The new Polly Paulusma cd is just amazing, and the new Tori Amos cd is the greatest!
Tonight I think some of my friends will visit, so it's gonna be quite a short post. I have to take a relaxing bubble bath first, it was a very busy day..


  1. Back as promised! You got my other message right?
    Haha, I wouldn't know what my expression would be if someone gave me a bike. I'd be like, huh...? But it's pretty cool. My bike got stolen when I went out, now I have a really nice yellow with pink one.
    You're making me hungry with your salad ^^.

  2. Hey mister, are you ok?
    You haven't responded at all, and you haven't posted and your last post is gone...
    I'm worried about you!

  3. Hi Corpsetlames, sorry for the delay.. But I've been so busy with dumping my latest stupid and unfaithfull boyfriend. But I'm back! And here to stay! :)

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