Monday, February 25

A Funny Thing happened

My favorite song of the week!

Today a funny thing happened when I opened my mailbox this afternoon during my lunch break. I got the sweetest email from Diane Gilleland from, my favorite podcast on arts & crafts. I've listened to Sister Diane for over a year now and it's always a treat to download the latest issue and get all comfy behind my desk listening to her interesting and often very funny interviews. I also like listening to Craftypod while I'm in my baththub, something happens when I shampoo my hair whilst listening to conversations on crafting, creativity, ideas, and sometimes weird science-like projects.. but always entertaining!
Now, to make a short story a bit shorter, Diane asked me for a short interview on ''Men Who Craft''. I'm very excited about this, especially because it's a recorded interview, by phone. I can express myself quite satisfactory in writing, in English, but talking, on the phone while recording... that could be a bit scary. But I think I'm gonna just jump and do it the best I can.
A big thank you in advance to Sister Diane for this oportunity!

Tomorrow is my day off, so I'm gonna spend all day long in my studio for making dolls. I've got six orders to make..
I've just bought some goodies at which I just couldn't resist, take a look:

This is super duper! Wicked witch of Oz fabric, 100% cotton.

This fabric I'm gonna use for some sweeeeet kitchen curtains.. or maybe an appron to give as a present for someone who likes to cook (and wear approns whilst cooking). Summery and Springtimy!

A button, the saddest button of buttons.. I'm gonna wear this at work when customers are cruel or unpolite. Maybe I'll give one to my ex boyfriend. So he can feel guilty.

Cake ribbons! no comments..

I wanted this ribbon a long time ago.. ever since I first saw it. A ruler ribbon. (I like the sound of that 'ruler ribbon') It rules!

I'm so crazy about three song at this moment (all from iTunes):
1. Hotel Song by Regina Spektor
Dance Tonight by Paul McCartney
here's the video!

Sweetest Thing by U2 click here for the wonderful 1998 video

And oh yeah, I watched Strangers with Candy, and I must say it's a must see!
Finished the book I like You by Amy Sedaris, my favorite book on entertaining under the influence!

Strangers with Candy, I'm a user, boozer and a loser!

I like you Amy Sedaris! She's my new guru, holding hands with Anaïs Nin and Edie Beales (little Edie)

Now I'm hunting for Abigails Party, the BBC series, on DVD. I found this on YouTube:

Isn't it hilarious! I love it..

Bye for now! Catch you later, hopefully tomorrow..

*note to myself: check Eva Deadbeat's blog, Junkthief's.. I've been neglecting my blogfriends way too long..

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