Monday, February 4

I like you! Something has stirred..

First of all, something has stirred! Everything looks different now..

The flyers are super duper! I'm so glad of that.. So the next thing to do is making a website for Mr. Pinhead. Which will take a bit longer than making the flyers.

I'm sooooooo in love with Amy Sedaris.. I think she's one of the cleverest people around.
I will order her book ''I like you, hospitality under the influence" on Amazon.

And of course "Strangers with Candy" the hilarious movie for ugly people.

Here are some clips of Amy:

I heart Amy Sedaris! Here's a promotion clip on "I like you, hospitality under the influence" :

'Strangers With Candy' Clip: "I'm Afraid"
'Strangers With Candy' Clip: "I'm Afraid"

Bye cupcakes! I'm gonna do the boring task of doing my dishes, so it's red wine (otherwise it's soo boring doing them) and lots of soap bubbles for me..

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