Friday, February 1

The Miracle of surprise

Today was a special day.
(..but this one was VERY special)

Yasmine came to the shop, and she showed me pictures of her extreme glam party she gave for her husband - the captain of the Mercator, which is the biggest and most beautiful ship here in Belgium - to me. She gave me a signed picture, which read: "With Love, from Yasmine, xxx"

She's 70.. (I don't know here exact age, and I don't care, but she's been there) and has the looks like a Sophia Loren. Amazing. And she paints the most interesting paintings of ships and boats in a scenery of wild waters and wavy seas..

I simply adore her.

There is a connection between us. A connection not limited to time nor age, but linked with the secret society of poetic sensitivity.

It's very hard to describe the energy between us. There is a bit of distance, caused by my respect for her. But at the same time there is a power that connects us. It's magic.

And I do believe in magic.

Look around you!

And be sweet to the squirrel;

And everything is allright

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