Tuesday, February 12

Very busy days! But happy ones!

Don't have much time to blog (again)..
But this one I had to show:

I'm writing this imaginary diary for Mr. Wittitterly Peleena Cruickshank, my alter ego. It's something that I like to do, because I learn alot from writing from a imaginary character. Here's a little extract:

Mr. Wittitterly Peleena Cruickshank’s PLAN

The total meaning of my plan is to become and to finally be, a better person. Both in my profesional life, as in my personal and romantic life.
The first question that comes to my mind is; do I really need to be a better person?
And; Am I then not happy with my current self?
Questions, questions… so many of them. But answers? Yes there are!

I’m a person who believes in what’s good for me. What makes me the most happy, what makes me feel good inside. What will it take to make me feel all comfy when I’m underneeth my sheets in my own bed at night. And those are the questions that are important, to me. What the other person thinks, or anybody else, dœsn’t matter. It’s what I think, myself, as a human being, trying to be happy. Like I said. That’s what matters the most.

So, clearing the way to be true and honest in my writing, I have to deal with the negative first.
In order to get rid of it, and to focus on what’s important, the positive.
How dœs one clear the surface from all the junk and stuff that piles up? Simple, look at them one by one, take one negative thing or thought, and try to understand it. Look at it! Closer!
And try to understand the meaning of it. What dœs this thing have to do with me? With my life, at this very moment? Do I feel related to it? Dœs it feel related to me?
Look at it like you’re looking at a mysterious object that you try to understand. Like a scientist trying to break the code, trying to dissect the different little parts of it. Make notes, write them into a notebook, make sketches of it, devide and unpuzzle the mysterie. And when you do that, with much concentration, you’ll unveil the secret. And the object of your worry will become the object of knowledge. And on you go, to the next obstacle. You’re ready for it now!

And this one of course, from the lovely Amy!

bye!! I'll show my new doll the next time.. oh yeah, and some pins, and some fake moustaches with googly eyes! And mexican music!

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  1. Oh! So nice to catch up with you and Mr. Wittitterly Peleena Cruickshank via your blog! I love Amy and her bunnies too!

    Happy Heart Day!