Thursday, March 13

Hello New Me!

First of all, it was a hectic week. But a very exciting and fun one!

I'm listening to the new Paul McCartney album 'Memory Almost Full", I soo love the tittle of this album. I guess growing into a full grown man, and finally growing into an old man, makes your memory almost full. Just like my computer..

I'm very excited about the interview for Craftypod with Diane Gilleland. We've settled a date, and it's gonna be next Thursday at 3.00 PM, which means with the seven hours time difference she'll call me around 8 AM Pacific time. I have the question in advance, so I can prepare myself for it. It's gonna great!

At my work in the shop we've had a little makeover, and to celebrate that we've had a Pink Day - Hello New Me!
Here are some pictures:

A big part of my collegues : from left to right; Annicksje, Carmen and my favorite co-helper with the stuffings of my dolls, Martinetje.

Martine with the big pink pencil!

Thet's me, also with the big pink pencil making some notes..

And another picture of me behind the new logo screen at the counter.

I did a demonstration/workshop that day (we've sold some knitting machines, which is great!)

Everything had to be pink that day, so I chose some different kinds of pink wool to use for the demonstration.

We're always having little cakes and fruitpies when we work..
I especially loved this strawberry kinda shortcake.. yumyum!

DSC00607DSC00608  DSC00609 DSC00610
Some new and some older buttons we sell in the shop..


I'm also hooked on Loco Roco, the amazingly surrealistic game for my PSP.. It's so funny, so freaky, so adorable!

Watch this! And do try it! It's crazy!

This is the official trailer from Sony PSP Roco Loco!

ICON0 (2)
a small screenprint from the Roco Loco game..

ICON0 (4)
Another screenshot, it's very difficult to see the details. But I can tell you, it's wonderful!

Here are my little Roco Loco's trying to wake the obstacle who is sleeping. Otherwise my loco's can't get thru..

A close up from a fat Loco, you can devide the big Loco into all little loco's.. it's hilarious!

Oh no! The little Loco's are being washed away by some surreal wind!

Gaetan and Els came over for a visit and to help me with the interview for Craftypod..

Gaetan and me.. love this picture!

Maarten was there too.. He's a rocker in a punk/rock group and they're performing in Brussels next month..

Here's Els, Gaetan's girlfriend who's an artist as well, doing some dancing moves..

Els dancing on some..

I've got more pictures, especially from my two new dolls, but that's for my next post!

Bye Cupcakes!
Be sweeeet!

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