Sunday, March 16

What it feels like for a boy (I love Charlotte Gainsbourg)

A very busy week.. that's why I'm a bit overdue with my blogposts.. what it feels like for a boy, in this world..

I love this video, it's monumental. There's alot to tell about Madonna, but the quintessence (there is a secret fifth sense quinta essentia) is to remember to live thru the dream.. and like Anaïs Nin thought me, 'there's no sense without the sensitivity'

I've made two new dolls this week. I'll introduce you to the first today, and the second tomorrow.

Here's Miss Nadine Zipulla Grenadine :

Miss Zipulla's close up

She likes listening to Christina Aguilera's Mercy on Me, She's kinda sensitive for drama.

And she likes books and magazines, they give support.

I've made three necklaces this week too :

Ceramic and iron. 'A tickle for the senses' necklace made with glazed Delfts Blue ceramic pearls and iron filigrane pearls.

connected with a small 'rocailles' pearls.

perfect shades of pale blue

And a sweet finishing.

Another necklace, from my Electro Pastel series:

Made with real Tiger Eye natural pearls.

It's all about the pale pastel and the bright lemon yellow

And a third one, with very big massive heave pearls:

Very heavy and big pearls, wood, iron and cotton string.



And I've crochet a little bag for my PSP this week too, with the most amazing cottonwool. And a vintage fifties button to top the cake..

Crochet little PSP bag..

100% cotton, no animals harmed!

a lovely vintage fifties button in cool green

I've ordered some cool stuff from

Wizard of Oz fabric, copywrighted by Judy Garland, real collectors dope! French cuisine fabric, japanese import.
And some ribbons..

And this ever soooo cool little button with sad kitty..

Yesterday there was a party at the Crayon here in Ostend, had lots of fun.. and a bit wasted.. so I'm gonna chill and go to bed early.. I'll just play a little Grand Theft Vice City on my PSP when I'm under the blankets..


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  2. I always enjoy seeing your dolls since each one has so much personality. I'd love to hook up with you, Eva "Deadbeat" and her frog Marcel to make a stop motion video with all the dolls. We would make a great team, I think.