Wednesday, April 30

Candy Galore and some sad news..

First the sad news.. I've lost my camera! I took it with me when I was having a drink in The Crayon, my favorite pub here in Ostend. And when I got home, woke up the next morning, I just couldn't find my camera. I do hope some kind soul will return it to me. There are loads of pictures on the memory card inside, and I'm realy sad that I can't upload them to the Digital Garden..

Oh well, I'm not a materialist, and maybe it's a blessing in disguise.. (just keep saying that digibudi, just keep saying that..)

So, no pictures of my goodies on this post.. But what we do have, is some Hard Candy!

And on another note; I've bought the new album from Madonna, Hard Candy.. It's soooo good to hear some new lyrics, and I love this album! Always made with several hidden layers, peel it off, and discover the juicy inside of this forbidden fruit..

I love the cheap and tacky style of these photographs.. And I adore the strappy thingy she's got on her fantastic body..

The good news is that Mai, one of my best friends is going to live with me untill September! I love Mai, she's so creative and very sensitive. The best combination for an everlasting friendship..

I've also got my mini cards from and they are lovely! But I can't show them, because of my lost camera..

What's lost is in a way a gain. I just have to figure out how to accept it. :)

bye cupcakes, and stay super sweet! Sweet as Candy!


  1. I'm sorry about your camera. It is like a little death...

    Well, not in the way Anais meant it, but you know what I'm saying...

  2. Oh Chris, thank you for those sweet words.. they do definetely heal my hurt for my lost camera. And you're absolutely right about Anaïs.. You make sense. Love you for that!