Sunday, April 6

Craft on Everybody!

I finally talked to Diane Gilleland from Craftypod for the interview for an upcoming podcast on 'Men who Craft'. I was kinda nervous, because of the different languages, but Sister Diane assured me that I sounded fine. It's difficult to be limited with words, when I normally have no problems at all to express myself, in Dutch I mean. It feels like you're stupid or something, but in fact it's just not knowing words to describe something. I'm very excited to hear the finished interview..
So Diane, if you read this, thank you ever so much for this opportunity.

I'm in this very creative flow at the moment, at work too, I've made a new necklace, and I'm designing some new ways of embroidery and cross-stitch for little miniatures I want to make. It's a whole new way of using my cross-stitch and embroidery techniques, and I kinda like it..

Here's my first experiment (not finished yet) I've done from scratch, not using any drawing, but just going with what's inside my imagination:

I used a border in embroidery Aïda from DMC/14ct - ecru

A closer look at the butterfly which I cut from a trim and the roses are satin and can be bought ready made..

Here's the almost finished design, I'm gonna make a birthday card with it.

This is a flower in cotton fabric strips..

This is the necklace I've made, it's called 'Mercurius Rising'.. :) not to be taken seriously..

A big pearl in the centre with glass bead hearts pointing towards it.


I'm quite happy with the result. And I'm very fond of the mustardy and safran colorscheme with a pinch of olive green.


Jonna and Bere asked me to do the second flyer for the new Retro Party part 2. Which is great, cause this time I'm gonna be payed for it. That's the beauty in giving sometimes, it all comes back to you. And I've got proof of that! :)

I'm gonna work some more on my dolls this evening, I'm having a bit of a cold, so it's staying at home for me tonight.. I've got plenty exciting things happening her at my appartement, so no problem!

bye cupcakes, and remember, stay supersweet!


  1. Oh Digibudi! It is so nice to know that you and me and Annie are going about our own lives crafting, loving, thinking and making art! But we will always be connected in some fashion or other!

    Thinking of you out here in VT where the sun is FINALLY shining! xoxoxo

  2. Hi, digibudi! I just got some time to sit down and edit our interview, and I wanted to tell you, you did such a wonderful job! It's really fun to re-visit our conversation again. I can't wait to get the podcast all finished!

    . . . And I love that cross-stitch piece!

  3. Hi digibudi! I'm another blogger who heard you on sister d's podcast. I've thought about your viewpoint on the necessity of creating. I fully agree with you. Fish must swim, birds must fly, and humans must create. I stopped crafting for a couple of years when my job was busy and I was so unhappy! But now I can't go a single day without doing SOMETHING! I'm going to list you on my blog. You're cOoL!