Thursday, April 24

Etsy Shop-A-Rama

Hey Shithead Fuck You! by digibudi

Fransien helps setting the table, by digibudi

The Family Casoulet sitting at the dinner table, by digibudi

The Curly Star Wizz, by digibudi

I've been shopping on Etsy, and had so much fun opening my mail the last two weeks! So much nicer than the boring uninspiring bills and taxes. .


My favorite buy on Etsy this month, Emily Martin's Pin Set with miniature prints of her lovely paintings. I wear them every day. They came inside a blue velvet little purse/bag.


Also from Emily, Postcard set from Inside a Black Apple on Etsy, here.


I've loved the tutorial for a small needle wallet in felt, so I've been making my own. What a great idea that was, and ever so usefull, simple yet practical and a must have goodie for everyone who's into crafts.

inside-craft-magazine-needl label-inside-craft-magazine

The last page of the needle wallet from Craft: magazine, a label I ordered from Reprodepot (my addiction, but let's not talk about that, or I'll relapse and order way too much fabric)


One of my next series of dolls, ready to be fiber filled chez Martine, my little elf in helping me with the stuffing of the dolls.


I totally love my Toyota sewing machine, which was the cheapest I could get, only 150€ , but I've been making all my dolls with this machine, and other things.. So I'm happy with it.


My new tapistry/fabric with robots on, it hangs in my bedroom next to my window. It fits almost perfectly with the chocolate brown painted walls.


Stickers! From Etsy shop Little Apple, they have the coolest japanese sticker collection I've ever seen on the web.. and I tell you, I've been looking and searching for those a long time now..

stickers-fairytales close-up-stickers-russian stickers-russian japanese-cushion-stickers-c japanese-cushion-stickers

Nice hey? I love stickers, they are like little reminders that tell us that we musn't take it all so seriously..

bye lemon pies! I'm gonna listen to chapter 9 of The Enchanted Castle from Librivox audiobooks on my psp, in bed.. with some milk and honey and a box of Scottish Ginger Shortbread Cookies . . d^-^b digibudi

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  1. Well, I didn't tell you that I'd posted your other painting, but I'm telling you now, that I've linked this post to my blog, because it's just too fab!