Thursday, April 3


This song is my favorite of the week!
Lightspeed Champion's Tell me what it's worth

Hey! It's good times here in Ostend.
I've just got my order from and I've found some cool stuff from the cutest store in Ostend, 'Zuli'. The little shop is from Hans and he has the greatest taste.

My Heating System at my appartement is working! I'm soooo happy that I've got warm water running and now it's nice and warm. I haven't been posting because it was simply too cold to sit at my desk on my computer. But all is well..

Here's my loot:

Humpty Dumpty repro vintage fabric from Japan

Linnen fabric with Domestic Scenery (It's like a dream come true!)

Japanese Animeaux Gazette fabric 100% cotton, the text on the fabric is simply hilarious! It makes me laugh everytime I read it.

My all time favorite, Robot Fabric

Vintage repro fabric, so fifties!

Jazzy fifties fabric, also repro vintage from

Russian wooden dolls fabric.. It's much more beautiful in real life

Japanese happy clouds fabric

Doggy trims and robot trims

This wonderful stationary with cupcakes.. Stay Super Sweet!

This is a plate from Jackie Shapiro, I got this very cheap from Zuli, the little store around my corner here in Ostend, from Hans

A very cool T-Shirt in bright red, with black spots..

Keychains.. so adorable, and very practical.

My new wallet.. with two suspicious cats on it.. (do not try to steal my wallet, we're watching you!)

Labels, to iron on my dolls.. Made with Love and Kisses!

And a present for my best friend Vicky, a door stop in the shape of a shoe:

The lovely package, I know she'll like it!

And the door stopper (it's made from thick black rubber, so you can put it under your door)

I'm so hooked on Reprodepot right now, I just can't wait for my next order.

I also ordered some buttons/pins from Emily's Inside a Black Apple store on Etsy.. I hope I'll receive them soon!

bye cupcakes,
and remember..
Stay Super Sweet!


  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! It makes me so happy!

    xo from VT

  2. Oh gosh, you know the way right to my heART! These fabrics are AMAZING. Bee well, Monica :)

  3. Not only do you have great taste in fabric, you have the coolest wallet ever. I adore that stationery and let me tell you, it's a good thing I'm so far away -- otherwise while you were occupied at your computer enjoying the light breeze from the open door, all of the sudden you'd hear the door slam and I'd be running down the street with that door stop. I would, of course, send you pictures of it in its new home -- holding open my door. It's really great. I am so loving it!