Monday, April 21

Interview for Craftypod is uploaded! listen to it here..

Hi there,

It's been a while, again.. , due to a little flu, and some overtime working on the new Flyer for the Retro Techno parties here in Ostend.

First of all, the podcast on Men Who Craft from Craftypod Diane Gilleland podcast #73.

You can listen, download or upload it to you iTunes library very easy by clicking the next link:

Or, you can subscribe to all the other wonderful and very interesting shows via iTunes.

I'm very thrilled with the resulst, and I'm hoping to be a part in the future with all of these wonderful people.. so, again, thank you Sis D.! You've made my week!

I've got a bunch of sweet and uplifiting comments so far about the show, here's one that made me feel very shy, but in a way also very proud.. I think being proud, within something that's much more imporant to me then money, time-killing .. etc. is a right for a crafter in order to be motivated and keep the flow , well.. flowing.. It's all about the celebration of being abble to express ourselves with pure and honest work.

here's the link to Geek+Nerd , check there blog, it's mostly ever so inpsiring and original! Bless or Bliss, those to collide.

On another note, the Flyers are returned from the printer, again it was a deadline of 5 hours before it had to go to the printer at the same night.. stress.. a little bit.. but all is worth it because I also quite like the result:

The colors aren't quite realstic in this picture, due to the fact that I had to convert the RGB into CMYK colors before sending it to the printer

The back of the flyer with the How to Get there information

Also very exciting news, two dolls are ready for stuffing chez Martine a collegue of mine at the shop I'm working.. So withing a few days they will be ready for their debut here on the Digital Garden.

Withing the next two weeks I'm opening my Etsy Store! I'm excited about that too..
The name of my shop will be called "A Spoon Full of Buttons" but will be found entering into the search by typing digibudi..

I'm cooking again - it's been an estaunding two years since I've extualy stood in front of my cooking pans, inside the kitchen making fresh and healthy food. I just couldn't believe that it was soooo long ago.. It shocked me at first, but now I've got the hang of it and I'm simply adoring it more than ever. And eating in restaurants, or bying the single-dinner-microwave dinners, I can proudly say that I've been back into my roots, be it even a carrot root. :)

Budhina the romantic dream muze

Here are some other illustrations I've made:

lu and Benkrisch finding the secret garden

digibudi's cartoonversion of mr. wittitterly cruickshank

The happy sewcute family

I'm leaving you now with some amazing video, which I adore since I first heard it:

bye cupcakes, and remember to stay Super Sweet!


  1. Hi there digibudi - thanks for dropping by my blog to say hello. The name geek+nerd is a little misleading - there is just one of me behind the scenes! I'm so happy that you enjoy my crafts :) I'm really digging the first image you have on this post - my mom is a professional cook, and it reminds me of her! Cheers, I'll definitely be popping by your blog more often.

  2. This was such a fantastic episode of Crafty Pod! I absolutely loved what you had to say about the need to create. Thank you so much for sharing your story and philosophy - it was very inspiring! I'm looking forward to subscribing to your blog! :)