Saturday, April 12

Rasberry blush, 4 min

She did it again, and I'm ever so enjoying her energy..
"The road to heaven is paved with good intentions

My friends are my Family, digibudi

I just got back from the 'Hot Stew for the Hot Few' concert/gathering where a lot of my friends did something amazing..
First of all there was Romain with his new born group, their performance was so intimate and deep that I know they will be performing again pretty soon, I'm quite sure of that!

Than Johan made us all listen in quiet concentration with his spoken words, combined cohesily with the sounds and music from Hans.. I was pleasantly shocked by his mind, his humor and his courage.. A secret hidden treasure amongst the humble and beautiful people. Quality, no other word can describe the essence of those 30 minutes..

Nestle in nature, digibudi

There was much more music, much more talent tonight.. I'm very sad that I didn't bring my camera with me.

The point is, that wherever I seem to go, this creative source is always finding me. Where I before thought that it was me who was looking for that creative energy, I understand now that it seeks us. And I'm safely covered with that beautiful power, forever..

Again, I've got proof! My study is solid, and the facts are undiniable..

I know there is a Secret, digibudi

Bye Rasberry Muffins, I'm quite tired now and I'm treating myself to yet another wonderful dream..

**** It seems that there is some sick *$%@ uped person trying to infect my blog comments, please if you see a weird link in one of the comments on my blog, DON'T click it, it's a virus, or spam.. I'm gonna contact Blogger as soon as possible to correct this. *****
It's just so sad that even on my own little blog the destructive is trying to interfere with the constructive!?

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