Sunday, April 27

What to do with all those flowers?

I'm in this Domestic-Victory-Stage at this moment, and I love it!

I've just organised one of the last boxes with fabrics I've got from a friend.
It's much work to iron, to devide and to pile the fabric swatches into my craft studio.
But it's a job I love to do, even if it's after hours of my day job. I just can't let those beautiful fabrics lay in danger of oblivion inside those cardboard boxes.. They have to be used, and they have to be cared for.

This fabric is so amazing in real life, this picture doesn't make justice of the beautiful threads and colors used in this design. It's all woven fabric and one of a kind. They're my favorite things I'd like to take care of.

I've ironed these little fruit applications onto my pillows. I love the simplicity of them. And the happy feeling I get when looking at them.

I also did some detailed embroidery applications onto this Tshirt, there's a little rabbit, a yellow shiny sun and a blue fish. This is my favorite Tshirt for sleeping.

I took this picture of my favorite artist of all time, Anaïs Nin. It's like having photographs of your grandparents on your cabinet or desk.. But I get to choose my family, I want some more photographs of other heroes and poets inside my home.

I glued googly eyes on my dinos last time, and they are hilarious! Thanks to Amy Sedaris on how to use those googly eyes to the maximum!

I got a new cap, it's a green army-like one, and it reminds me of John Lennon and Yoko.
I think they were one of those lovers who were to big and to ahead for there time..

And just to remind myself, domestic pleasures do happen.. I don't mind the ironing, the cleaning, the dusting.. as long as it brings some constructivity in my life, be it inside the world or even inside my dream.


  1. Your blog posts always make me smile. And those dinosaurs had me giggling like crazy!


  2. Sometimes domestic work and chores can be meditative, relaxing. It also helps you to let your mind wander and come up with solutions for crafting problems you're having! I can get great ideas about crafting when doing routine chores!
    Love that fabric.

  3. That's a great hat. I have a similar one in red with a hammer and sickle.