Sunday, June 22

For Martin

I've just received the saddest news. Martin's mother has passed away and is now a new star in the firmament above us. She's watching over you Martin, I'm sure...
This is a moment of peace and inner solitude. Death is the only thing that can give us that. We must be respectful in times like these. But I so believe in rebirth, afterlife, maybe not in our current human form, but in a new way, a way we can't even imagine now. Because we know only a small part of the marvelous and exciting scary experience we call living..
Even at the center of fire, there is cold, and the coldest ice can burn you. Now, that's my theory and if you don't want to know, kindly step aside and make a way for those who want to go.

So Martin, this is for you..

Please do remember, Be grateful, and proud.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your loss. THis is a wonderful Peter and the Wolf. Where is it from?