Thursday, June 5

Get off that cross, I need the wood

I loved Bette Davis in Dark Victory, it's one of my all time favorite movies. I still cry at the last scene where she slowly looses her eyesight and prepares her death with so much grace and truth. Sometimes the truth is hidden in between the lies people imagine, create and live by. There's always a secret blessing blossoming from each situation.

And here she is playing Margret in The Star, I guess rumors are of all time.. and are in way a compliment to the one it is projected to. Some will always stay in the shadow of another, and some will be the shadow of the other. All is fair, just as long as they don't stand in the light that casts the shadow. I can imagine such would be quite irritating.

Berry Linda - digibudi

And remember, There are hidden blessings in each situation.

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