Friday, June 20

New Doll - Miss Scissor Sis

I've finished a new doll, but there's more to come.. The rest of them are away to get cotton filled. This one is called Scissor Sis. She likes to hang around, eat vanilla glazed cupcakes and watch the new fashion shows on Fashion TV. She's a real hedonist bohemian.

Scissor Sis relaxing on a field of flowers..

I also just registered at the cool-creative site CraftStylish featuring a wonderful new tutorial from Diane Gilleland on embroidered cards.. Simply be-you-tea-full!

The necklace for Martin VanMassenhove is almost finished, the pearls are fantastic! But I'll introduce you to them next time..

Bye Franchipanes and remember; "There's no place like home"


  1. Thank you for the nice shout-out! Scissor Sis is gorgeous!

    Hope you have a splendid weekend - XOXOXO

  2. How Fun and Fabulous is the Scissor Sister!!?

    I love this.