Wednesday, August 13

The Hooray-For-Sister-Diane-Post (and no more bad hair days)

First of all, I've made two new purses;

But wait! Here's my favorite song of the day! It's Feist! (on Sesame Street that is!)
This is for you Diane!

And now for the purses...
Hold on! Just got a fax... From Sister Diane at (She interviewed me some time ago about Men Who Craft)
What has she been up to?
She's written a book! Can you imagine that? My favorite sister on the web has written a book about.. Kanzashi. What is Kanzashi you might think now, well it's all explained inside her book. So be sure to buy or order a copy as soon as possible.. Ok? Great!

As this is a very big celebration party for our Sister Diane, we have to get back to work, because,
Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.
And we must work at it!

Now, on to the purses..

The Apple Pie Purse:

I love that little black cat at the side of the purrrrrrse..

And, The Humpty Dumpty Purse:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall... (look at his costume, isn't that a neat costume he has on?)

And as for the title of this post, I've been relieved from ANY bad hair day, EVER!!

It was a wild night, and full of fright (no, just kidding)
Anyway, I've shaved my head two days ago.. (during a wild night with some of my friends)
And I must say, it's ever so energizing to do such a thing. And practical in the morning too. I just put my head under the tab, plenty of cold water.. and I'm right awake. And no more bad hair days whatsoever!

Here's the result:

It will grow back eventually.. I hope.

Look what I've found in the stock at the shoppe where I work. Ribbons with numbers on them!
I love them. I will use them for lots of crazy projects. There are in fact a few ideas boiling in my shaven head at this very instant. :)

My favorite number, 75!

And I've bought this great felt set:

A felt alphabet.. mmmm... looks just like a box of candy doesn't it?

I'm watching two movies tonight, which are:

The Way we Were with Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford... yummy!

And "Desk Set" with my all time favorite (aside from Bette Davis of course) Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.. This will be a fun movie night!

Bye now Humpty Dumpty's,

And remember: We ALL got 24 hours in a day.


  1. Your new hair style is super cute!! :)

    And wow...all those things are simply lovely!

  2. Aw, XOXOXOXOXOX, what a lovely post. Thank you so much for the book-love. I'm so excited for you to see it!

    I love that Feist video, too! And, WOW, I like your new head. :-) Now you can wear more hats, too!

    And that Humpty Dumpty fabric is amazing.

    One more XOXOXOXOX! And I'm off!


    I love your hair, your ribbons, and your movies! Meanwhile, I have long hair, no ribbons, and I only have time for the Olympics!

    Is this not MADNESS?!?



    We ALWAYS have time for a bit o' that Sister Diane...


  4. What can I say? Those bags are rockin' and I love, love, love the numbers tape. Craftlicious!! And the hair, or lack thereof, you look fabulous!!

  5. Hurray for Sister Diane love! I'm completely in love with the purses! And I like the hair cut! I just chopped my bangs, and I feel so much better! Big hugs - Sarah

  6. Oh my God, I love that Sesame Street video, I'm totally playing that for my toddler when she wakes up. Is Feist the name of the artist? Don't give me grief, I'm a mommy so I'm totally out of the hip music loop.
    Desk Set? Are you my doppleganger? I am also addicted to Kate and Spencer. Have you seen Pat and Mike? Which is your favorite?
    I want that number ribbon. My favorite number is 42, my age this next Monday, and also of course the answer to the Universe if you know Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.