Saturday, October 25

Catching up sketching

I've got some catching up to do.. So here are some drawings I've made in my moleskine sketchbook.

I love my moleskine, for anyone who hasn't yet got one; it's ever so wonderful to sketch in it. I mean, Picasso had one, Van Gogh had one..

I call this drawing 'Blue Penney', she's a kind of spirit of water and air.

This weird one is a test in nose/lips lines I've been working on lately.

Here's a little drawing of a girl with an attitude!

Ok, now it's back to the drawing board to make some sketches for an Adobe Illustrator drawing I want to make real soon..

Bye blue pens!

And remember: Sometimes all you need is a blue pen and some paper.


  1. Really cool. I love your flair.

  2. Ooh, I love your drawings. :)
    Especially the mouths. Very exprsssive.