Monday, October 27

I have a new scarf - and the dino pumpkin invasion

What a wonderful day I've been having. I had a day off from working at the shop so plenty of time to get some 'real' work done.
I've had the most lovely message from Vigdis and Ansje - we went to the same art school in Ghent and we were (and are) best friends, they are the bees knees! I love Facebook for that!

I've made a new illustration in Illustrator this afternoon.
It's called 'I have a new Scarf'.

I have a new Scarf - by digibudi

And I've got a pumpkin, but my googly-eyed dinosaurs were not quite happy with this new life form..

'Oh no, what's that big orange thing doing here?'

'I'll bite it! Just you watch me.. big orange thing!'

'Get out of this place, it is ours! You don't belong here I tell you!'

Then there was this big fight which I didn't want to photograph.. It wasn't a nice sight.

Oh well, that's what you get when you put googly eyes on dinosaurs.. My mistake.

The tablecloth for my birthday party is almost finished.. still got lots of work to do. The invitations are due to be finished on Thursday..

A small part of my tablecloth for my birthday party!

Now it's back to the sketchbook for some tiny sketches of creatures with curls. Hmmm, I wonder how they will turn out..

Bye now!

And remember : 'Don't fight the pumpkin, be nice'


  1. The dinos sure gave me a good giggle. :-)

  2. When she was a kitten Mu viciously attacked a harmless pumpkin. I think your googly dinos are going through a stage. They'll grow out of it.:0)