Saturday, October 25

Up we go!

Something up above was calling him imperiously, and he made for the steep little tunnel which answered in his case to the gaveled carriage-drive owned by animals whose residences are nearer to the sun and air.

So he scraped and scratched and scrabbled and scrooged and then he scrooged again and scrabbled and scratched and scraped, working busily with his little paws and muttering to himself, 'Up we go! Up we go!' till at last, pop! his snout came out into the sunlight, and he found himself rolling in the warm grass of a great meadow

The Wind in the Willows - Kenneth Grahame

And here I am, back from a three week inner-search for new ideas and re-loading my creative batteries. I've been working a lot at the shop, I've read books, I've watched at least a hundred movies and I've been knitting..
I so needed those weeks to rest and to take some distance from my computer - it has cobwebs on it now.
So after this break, I'm happy to say, 'Up we go!'

Cathy Weber from Indianapolis send me this wonderful box full of goodies! I've got ribbons, plastic canvas (yeah, Diane!), mini cross-stitch kit, pink felt-like fabric, Chinese fabric, flower fabric and lots of lace.. Thank you Cathy! My box to you.., is delayed (as a few other gifts) but not forgotten.. Just watch your mailbox in a week or so..

Kathy's box, full of lovely bits and pieces.. (thank you Cathy!)

So what am I knitting?

It's a scarf for my nephew, with red and grey 100% Merino wool.

I'm off to the fabric store with my dear mother, buying some new felt for new dolls - I'm totally out of stock - and some coffee with cookies!

And remember: It's good to have friends.

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  1. Yaaaaaay, good to see you - I was just about to worry. :-) Glad you took some time to recharge.

    . . . And, can't wait to see what you do with that plastic canvas!! XOXO