Sunday, January 25

Fields of cotton wool and friends come by to visit

New Spring/Summer cotton wool arrrived at the shop, this is Bottone (I love that name)

Had a perfect first day at work again, after a week of vacation. Feels great to be back and especially with my new adopted substitute for ex-colleague Martine, Michéle. We have lots of fun and we can talk about the same things that are happening in our lives, like boyfriends, being dumped, falling in love, having crushes, music, videos, movies, clothes.. anyway, we're like on this same vibe (she's 23, I'm 35, makes sense doesn't it?), and I love working with her.

Michèle, my new colleague at the shop

I love it when people come over at the shop, it's a great way to share some detailed gossip and to show new arrivals.. Max and her friend came by to chat about the next party.. sweeeet!


And here are some pictures of the new Spring/Summer wool collection, more will arrive later this week, so I'll post more next time..

Santorini, Skiathos, Delos (available in different colors and effects)

Closer look at Santorini, Skiathos and Delos

Wonderful pale colored Duo Plus cotton

Also available in different colors

A very beautiful and shiny (but this picture isn't showing that) cotton wool Lucente

Lucente in different colors..

Here's a cool video!

Bye now, and remember : 'Springtime is only a rosebud away'


  1. I'm loving the Veritas and the DuoPlus. Very pretty!

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