Saturday, January 10

Hedgie Glitter

You'll need some glitter of course, some glitter glue (I used Gutterman, but any other brand will do) and an old toothbrush (preferably one that has been used by yourself)

Glitter, glitter glue and a toothbrush

Add some glitterglue onto the toothbrush like you would when using toothpaste, really!

Apply the glue onto the part of the crosstitched piece gently but quite firmly pressing the glue inside the threads.

Sprinkle loads of glitter over the area you put the glue on.

Wait for it to dry (like two hours is perfect) and remove the excess glitter.. brush slightly with soft towel and you've got yourself some glittering hedgehog, or something else.. whatever!


  1. LOL! And don't use the toothbrush to brush your teeth! LOL

  2. Your glittered hedgie is way toooooo cute! How fun!

  3. Oh, he looks so handsome that way!

    this is very cute.

  4. This is a very neat technique!

    Thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog. It's been a very bad two weeks, but a little luck came my way today, so I think we'll be able to pay rent this month! Hurrah!

    I hope that things get better for you as well. xoxo