Thursday, January 22

Love, life and a parrot..

I'ts been a while since I've worked in the digital garden, and I must say it's become quite a jungle.

After a wild ride with life and love I've come to a point that I need to step a bit back, and relax more.. I'm sure many of you creative people out there have been overloaded with ideas and projects (referring again to a Craftypod episode on Craft Overload). And combine such a spirit with a broken heart and the end of working with a favorite colleague, et voila, ingredients for a big craft crash.. But all the while I kept on working.. never gave up the dream in which I still believe, the dream of creating your own world and inviting other people to join this world. Or better, to combine different worlds and make a bigger one.. There is no limit in our creative possibilities and there never will be.. I must have read this somewhere, it sounds so true..

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is this, Facebook is great for networking, but is bad in cases of heartbreak..
and Blogging is the cure to craft crashes!

I'm making these dolls for a while now, seems sometimes they will never be finished, but it's so much work to make handstitched embroidery to use on their bodies that it takes hours and days, even weeks to complete even one patch.. Like this parrot for instance:

almost done.. *phew*

Finding the right fabric was quite difficult in this case, but I think I found the right design with these swatches of vintage furniture fabric. Woven, not printed!

And to start this new year with a new sketchbook I've got from my father, is always a good thing!

A soft beige semi leather covered Derwent journal.. a gift from my dad.

We were talking about drawing with ballpoints and preferably blue ones.. so I promised my dad that I would only use this for this sketchbook/journal..

I think I'm making my first drawing inside this gem of a journal tonight..

I'm also working on the video for singer Amalia Vermandere's debut CD, Wild Mild, a song called Playground. We've allready had so much fun making the video, that I couldn't resist posting a Making Of Video with Bloopers..

Bye now, and remember : Better to have lost in love, than never to have loved at all.. (*sniff*)

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  1. When i was Young i loved to paint and to draw. Now i am too old to draw because my hands are shaking. Fortunately i have a young son who treads in my steps and makes lovely pictures. For him i bought this Derwent notebook, hoping he will feel it with lots and lots of marvelous pictures.