Friday, January 23

Abacadabra buttons!

Abacadabra buttons! Who designs those things? I wish that the designer was mentioned on every back side of every button.. now it's like 'Artist Unknown' , which makes me wonder..

What a rainy day it was today here in Ostend, Belgium.. But I've made it to the fabric store without getting too wet. And what joy I found in that store! Buttons, the cutest and most adorable buttons I've seen in a very long time, and let me tell you, I've seen many buttons..

Also, that freakin' crosstitched parrot is finally finished, I've made some pictures on how to prepare your embroidery for further use in a project.

After the embroidery design is finished, wash it in some medium warm water and add some soap, I like to use shampoo, because when it's good for your hair, it's definetely good for your threads..

Be sure your water isn't too cold nor too hot

After washing it with the shampoo of your choice (but don't use anything for greasy hair though, normal shampoo works perfectly!)

lay your patch onto a towel and let it dry a bit..

Lay your patch on a towel and put a towel on top of it, and press with an iron.. (temperature for cotton will do nicely)

Et voila, the crosstitched design washed and neatly pressed..

Now you can add some buttons too,

I found these supercute buttons perfect for this project..

Speaking about buttons, look what I've found today at the fabric store here in Ostend, Belgium..

Telephone buttons!

Clock buttons!

Hello buttons!

Sweet tree buttons in pale pink!

Stars buttons!

One of my favorite buttons, EVER! Marble buttons!

I'm quite happy with the loot..

Bye now, and remember: 'A Spoon full of Buttons makes the day so much brighter!'

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  1. Your parrot turned out beautifully!!! And those are "CUTE as a button" buttons!