Thursday, January 8

Tutorial for Patchwork pencil case - part 1

A lot happened the last few weeks, but most importantly here's the first part of a tutorial I'm making on how to sew a patchwork pencil case.

What you need is some scraps of fabric, I've used a cross stitched design on Aïda 11count of a hedgehog, and some left over pieces of woven fabric in different colors and patterns. But you are free to use whatever pieces of fabric you've got lying around at home.

So here are the first steps:

Lay down your center piece of fabric and measure it accordingly to the size of your pencil case, I've used a square of 15/15cm or 6/6 inch.

Now you can also add a seam allowance of 1cm, I use this size for all my seams.

After cutting out the center piece, in this case the hedgehog crosstitch, place it on your two other pieces of fabric and copy the pattern with a marker, an Omnigrid helps alot!

Using the Omnigrid helps centering the patches easy..

After tracing the pattern unto the other pieces, cut the squares out with some good scissors.

Now you should have three equal squares of fabric. Like shown in this picture.

Relax, and have a cup of coffee first.. cause now we're gonna pin and prepare the sewing..

Lay down the centerpiece (good side up) underneeth the right fabric piece (good side facing down), pin the two pieces together with some smart colorful pins (I always like my pins to be colorful, this way when they drop on the floor I can easily spot them).

Now start sewing the pieces together using large temporarly stitches and some cheap cotton thread in a contrasting color.

After doing that to both sides of the centerpiece, fold it open and check if the pieces are correctly attached.

This is how your backside should look, we'll take care of the folded seam in the next tutorial.

This is how your three patches should look after following this part of the tutorial..

Okay hedgehoggies, see you next time for part 2 of this tutorial.

Also, watch out for some news about moving the digital garden unto the next phase, which will be a new sub blog called 'A Spoon Full of Buttons'..

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