Friday, January 23

Vogue Complete Knitting stitches guide

I've had so much fun last night, spending some time with Julie and Dave, and on top of that Heinz gave me this great Vogue's Complete Knitting Stitches Guide by Anne Matthews. I love this book, all the stitches are inside, even if I'm not a knitter.

Vogue, Complete Guide Knitting Stitches by Anne Matthews

Over 450 different knitting stitches!

Example of a knitting stitch

I do like a man in a sweater :)

And some wonderful broderie

Woke up real early today, so got plenty of time to finish some projects.. back to the shop tomorrow after a week of vacation..

bye, and remember : 'Cobwebs on bakery signs'

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  1. I love the broderie with the little coffee pots and cups - tres cute! I'm glad you liked the video!