Monday, February 23

50 years of Barbie and Cathy Weber's Story

As this year is the 50th anniversary of Barbie, I went to the toy store and bought my first Barbie. Don't get me wrong here, I hate everything about that doll which I love also.
I took these photos with my camera and I must say that the model I've used was very easy to work with.

My first Barbie, Top Model Barbie with ginger hair.

Barbie not shy to the camera lens.

All right, you're pretty!

And to get back to work after a week of vacation, these trims that arrrived at the shop made me happy to get back at work!

Lovely trims in lovely colors

I'm reading Cathy Weber's "The Golden Ball" story tonight which she send me.
I'm looking for a good story to make illustrations for, and who knows what will happen if those two collide?
I'm gonna read it and after that meditate and let the images come, this way I only have to redraw them on paper.

OK, off to the drawing board, and then straight to bed with Cathy's story.. I'm tired, but happy!

Bye, and remember: "Great things are achieved by working together."


  1. It's a perfect bedtime story! LOL

    I'm working on another one, not so long this time, about Baby Bear getting lost in the city.

  2. Barbie continues to be a genius toy, especially since girls like to imagine themselves grown up and Barbie helps them do that

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