Thursday, February 19

Goodbye Facebook, welcome back Blogger!

So I've closed my Facebook account today, after a week of doubts, I've made this decision based on respect for private and personal freedom. I'm not sure if FB can give me this freedom. So, back to blogging.. and some Twitter. :)

Here's a funny but also realistic approach to this situation at Carrot Blog.

I'm making my second dolls dress this week. So far so good, had some troubles with necklines and arm lines.. Which are quite difficult to get right, because it's all about details and finishing touches. A dress may look totally sad if the hemlines are not done properly. And I'm putting most of my time in these details.

The second dolls dress, Humpty Dumpty fabric and mint green broderie Anglaise.

Also, I've cut the patterns and fabric out for a dolls jacket. In a favorite fabric of mine, which I've just bought this week. I think it's so sunny and summer like.. I love it! Can't wait to put this dolls jacket together. (This will be my first time putting sleeves into something!)

Patterns all ready cut, ready to be stitched and a bit manipulated.

The sunny fabric with daisies on..

I'm watching two Woody Allen movies later this evening.
September and Shadows and fog. I'm looking forward to those!

And for dinner I'm making Nigella's easy tomato/bacon with parsley (and I'm adding some mushrooms, onion and a potato to this dish to give it a full dinner touch). I watched Nigella make this simple dish yesterday evening on television, and I woke up with this dish this morning.. so I had to make it! :)

Bye now, and remember: "Feel free"


  1. Lovely creations as always, Nikolaas. I am sticking with Facebook for now since the outcry about their new terms seems to have resulted in them going back to the old terms. I'm on Twitter but have yet to really explore it. I'll search for you there.

    Hope you enjoyed "September". That's one of Woody Allen's most under-rated films, I think, if only for Elaine Stritch's wonderful performance. Her character seems to be inspired, in part, by the life of Lana Turner.

  2. oh Nikolaas! I miss you on FB but of respect understand your decision. I just tried to email you this link which reminds me of you:

    Your dinner ingredients look YUMMY! I wish I could have had a taste!

    Eva in vt