Thursday, February 5

Lullism, the Art of Memory

Here are the investigators, from left to right: Digibudi, Vicky V, Shaun

Always cary a notepad while investigating!

I'm learning all about ancient symbols, some of them are so beautiful. Some of them remind me of emoticons we use on the Internet. And some of them are just hilarious, but all of them are interesting to me.

I'm making a studie about a strange Renaissance science about the Art of Memory.

A lot of Latin names are in a way also symbols for remembering certain knowledge.

A word can be much more than just a word, the way the font is designed and the way certain letters are shaped can reveal hidden secrets or knowledge. In those days some information had to be hidden, because it would against the law to talk about some of that knowledge. Especially during the period between Medieval and Renaissance. Dangerous times! A bit like now actually. :)

This girl ain't precisely ancient or Medieval but the clean lines are inspired by those old symbols.

A bit of photoshop.

I love these little drawings, they remind me of cartoons.

Very beautiful, human life compared with a tree.

People are very important in the Medieval universe.. They seem to rule everything, even the sun and moon :)

Wonderful symbols, ordinary on first view, but look closer and find a world of inspiration.

One of my favorites, old Christian symbols. Not because they're Christian, but because they can be read like a word and seen as a symbol.

Bye now, I'm back to the library..

And remember: Remember!


  1. That book looks very interesting. I have read a couple of books on the study of alchemy and found the symbols to be amazing.

  2. Ooh! Great images, gorgeous people. I'm in love with Vicky's haircut, too. :)
    Your blog is such a treat!

  3. What a great post! You would love investigating here in Mexico. There are tons of Aztec symbols and Diego Rivera studied codexes. I've seen a lot of this type of repeated symbols in museums. There was also a great exhibit at the Modern Art Museum last summer called "Manchuria" where the artist created his own modern codex. Totally fascinating! Keep on, digi-b!

  4. Great, I love those days as well, so much hidden meaning.
    My fil conducteur is musical harmony and math, and this uncovered loads of interesting stuff from pythagoras to bach and beyond. Have fun,